I'm 15 yrs old, diet started dec 21 /13 .
SW: 135.5
CW: 110.4
GW1: 120 <3...... GW2: 115 <3......
UGW: 110..............
this blog is mainly for my own motivation, trigger warning.

time to get our daughter some help. this site is killing beautiful young girls and needs to be shut down! we are shocked! our daughter will not be returning to this site. my prayers go out to every one of you and hope there is someone in your lives that will help you.

eating-disordered asked: wow youre stunning :) i dont say that very often, ❤️


thank you so much :,)

zerocalorielove asked: Once you get this, you must say five nice things about yourself publicly, then pass it on to your top ten favorite followers xx


oh my…
1. I like my hair sometimes
2. I like how I play in a university band
3. I like my feet, hahaha omg
4. I like my sense of style
5. I like how I have a 98.8 average..
this was like really hard wowie

Anonymous asked: you're so thin and beautiful, believe me, why don't you stop dieting?


I’ll stop when I’m at my goal! :) thank you though :)

Anonymous asked: Progress report? Your so skinny btw


SW: 135.5
CW: 110.4
my stomach is almost flat!! :)

Anonymous asked: Hi! I just wanted to make sure you were fine, darling :) x


Hey! Thanks for checking in on me! I’m not too fine, but I hope you are okay!! xoxox :)

Anonymous asked: hiii! How could I lose two kilograms(4.4 pounds) in one month without exercising?


just cut down your portions, but not too much! be safe!

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